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By far the best chiropractic care I’ve ever received. Dr. Lauren is so thorough and explains everything she’s doing, down to what part of the spine she’s working in and why. I got a full exam prior to being adjusted the first time, and we spend 5-10 minutes before every session going over how I’ve been feeling. I don’t feel rushed in and out. The care I receive truly feels personalized to my needs, not just cracking you and having you leave. I’m so glad I was recommended this place and would recommend everyone trying it.

Lori B.

Dr. Stemle is the best! She was highly recommended by my OB after I was having severe back pain due to scoliosis during my pregnancy. Dr. Stemle takes the time to listen to complaints and review a care plan with you to make sure she is understanding your needs as a patient and individual. Katie, the massage therapist, is also wonderful and kind! The front staff remembers you and makes you feel welcome when you walk in. If you're in need of a sincere, wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Stemle is the woman to go to!


This is a fantastic wholistic experience. I am met each visit with intelligence, kindness, skill, and a thoughtful treatment plan to decrease pain and increase health. The effect is trust and that’s awesome and necessary for me!!!


Dr. Stemle is absolutely wonderful!! I saw her for chiropractic therapy during my first pregnancy and now again with my second.
Being a gymnast/cheerleader my whole life- I have tons of underlying back/SI issues that flare up tremendously during pregnancy.  Dr. Stemle works wonders in giving me relief during the long 9+ months of pregnancy.
Her entire office is so friendly and her massage therapist is phenomenal!!


Dr. Stemle is great! She really knows what she’s doing and has helped me get rid of lower back and hip pain. Highly recommend!

Lana H.

I started coming here at the beginning of my pregnancy. Dr. Stemle has been a lifesaver! They are extremely attentive and caring, have a beautiful new office space, and if you want to schedule online, it's super easy. Convenient location off of west end. Perfect for Vandy employees and surrounding areas. You will love this place!

Alex V. 

Dr. Lauren Stemle is the best. She is so knowledgeable and really listens to her patients. If you are considering chiropractic go and see Dr. Stemle and she will take excellent care of you!


My experience with Dr. Stemle for prenatal chiropractic care has been great. I have shoulder pain and some lower back pain which is alleviated with her treatment. The office staff is friendly and attentive. Needless to say, I would recommend!

Angela S.

The best chiropractor in town. I am doing better than I have in two years


I love Dr. Stemle and everyone at TIH! During my pregnancy and now being a new mom they have taken great care of me. It’s made a huge difference in recovering from my delivery and taking care of myself now that I’m a new mom.

Bonnie Y. 

Dr. Stemle is very professional and educated individual who provides excellent care. She has adjusted me on multiple occasions and made me feel brand new. I would highly recommend her to others.

Ashleigh M. 

Came here when I was expecting our first baby, and they helped so much with my chronic back pain/sciatica! Love my chiro!

Kristan W. 

Dr. Stemle takes the time to listen to your needs and addresses all of them! She is very focused on the high quality of her patient care. 

Maggie B. 

Wonderful doctor and clinic, she really listens to her patients!

Ashely H. 

I started with Dr. Lauren for maternity chiropractic, and have kept going since. She's very knowledgeable, kind, educational. Its obvious that they care about the whole person.

Victoria D. 

Dr. Stemle is a wonderful chiropractor. She connects well with her patients and goes above and beyond. She also works very well with children. I highly recommend Dr. Stemle.

Justina A. 

Dr. Stemle is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients needs. 

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